Easy Installation

Extremely Simple Installation – Fits Right Into Your Vehicle

ProLedKits has the Best LED Headlights Conversion Kits in the industry. All our products have been tried and tested and have met all the requirements set by clients. All our LED Headlights come with an easy to follow installation manual and make the installation ease and convenience.

1. Open the hood of your vehicle

2. Open the back part of the cap.

3. Remove the stock bulb and insert the LED Bulb right through the headlight.

4. Plug the LED Headlight to the power socket.

5. Repeat the installation process on the other side.

Here is a step by step image on how to install your LED Headlights

Before the Installation Process, Read these Simple to Follow Installation Tips

  • Be extra mindful of the installation process and never touch anything, especially with wet hands.

  • Wear a glove and wipe the LED Headlights using some dry cloth at your toolbox.

  • Pre-test your vehicle before doing anything.

  • Never get our Quality LED Headlights products in contact with spray paint, oil, paper, diluting agents and more.

  • Never get the LED Headlights adjusted up as this reduces the chances of seeing others right through the road.

  • Turn the LED bulb on after you have started your vehicle. This helps avoid short circuiting leaving you in danger.

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