LED Headlights Installation Instruction:

 1. Open your vehicle’s hood.

 2. Open the back cap of the headlight   assembly and take out the stock bulb.

 3. Insert the LED bulb into the headlight   assembly.

 4. Plug the LED bulb to power socket.

 5. You’re done. Installation is as simple as   swapping out the bulbs.

 Here is a step by step image on how to install your LED Headlights 
LED Headlights Installation Image
  • Be very attentive during the installation process to minimize all chances of accidents.
  • Never touch the LED with your fingers because it might blemish it.
  • Wearing gloves is ideal when dealing with the LED bulb. If ever it gets in contact with any contaminants, simply wipe the bulb with rubbing alcohol and a dry cloth.
  • Always perform above operation when vehicle is off, not running.
  • Do not touch bulb when turning power on and off.
  • Never look directly into the LED bulb because the light emitted can be very bright and hurt your eyes.
  • If an accident occurs, make sure to shut the power supply off.
  • We do not take any responsibility if a customer attempts to assemble or disassemble parts that are broken.
  • If you ever need the professional help for repairs or a replacement, make sure to visit your local garage.
  • Our products must stay away from any kind of flammable content such as Diluting Agents, Spray Paint, Paper, Oil, and so on.
  • Never adjust your LED lights to point upwards because you might diminish the visibility of other drivers on the road.
  • To avoid short circuiting your LED bulb, make sure to turn them on only once your vehicle has been started.

LED Tailgate Bar Installation Instructions: 

Installation Notes:

1. Please read all instructions before installing light bar.

2. The following procedure describes a generic (typical) installation.

3. Prior to installation check all parts and inspect bar for damage and/or cracks.

4. Lighting laws vary depending on the jurisdiction; check your local laws before installation.

5. Light bar must be installed at 60 degrees F. or higher. If the temperature is lower, a heat gun should be used to ensure proper adhesion.

6. Consult your local mechanic or technician if uncertain of wiring or installation of light bar.


Step 1- Important, thoroughly clean the mounting surface before mounting. Use warm soapy water first to remove all wax and dirt. Dry completely and clean again using a cleaner (suggestion rubbing alcohol). Do not touch surface after cleaning.

Step 2- Marking and mounting location

1. Do not remove adhesive tape backing until after the mounting location has been marked using tape. First hold the light bar assembly in position so it’s equally spaced from top to bottom and left to right.

2. The wire bundle end of the light bar must be toward the driver’s side in order for the turn signals to work properly. Mark this location with three strips of tape, place tape so top edge of tape is center (top to bottom) of recessed area.

3. The top edge of the tape strip should line up with the bottom edge of the light bar. Only side centering measurements are required.

4. After removing the light bar assembly, make sure that the top edge of all three tape strips are at equal height. Accurately determine the side to side location by first marking the truck centerline on the center tape strip.

Step 3-Mounting assembly

1. Peel off the adhesive tape backing while being careful to not contaminate the adhesive with fingerprints or dirt. Lightly attach the light bar at the marked tape for left to right centering. Make sure bottom edge of light bar is in line with the top edge of tape. AT THIS TIME DO NOT APPLY A LOT OF PRESSURE. You may want to adjust the alignment of the light bar later.

2. Lightly attach the center section of the light bar at its marked location, and finally the right side. If the light bar is not straight and level, pull up the adhesive taped areas lightly and re-position.

3. Remove location tape strips.

Step 4- Electrical hook up

1. Use the supplied tie wraps to hold the wire bundle up and out of view behind the bumper. Plug the connector in the vehicles standard flat four-pin trailer connector if it’s available on your vehicle. If your vehicle has a round four-pin trailer light connector, a converter can be purchased to convert it to a flat four-pin connector and can be purchased at your local auto parts store.                       

 Here is a step by step image on how to install your Tailgate Bar

Tailgate Bar Installation Image         

 LED Underglow Kit Installation Instruction

Before you proceed with the installation, clean the areas that you will be attaching the LED strips on. This includes the underside of the front/rear bumpers and the side skirts. You can use a washcloth to gently wipe off any dirt or mud residue so the LED strips won't get dirty. If you have a hydraulic jack, this will greatly increase efficiency since you can jack up the car for more access to the underside of the vehicle. If you don't have a jack, you can still proceed with the installation.

*This set of LED strips has been redesigned so that you can install them the conventional way and individually route each wire to the module box in the engine bay, or you can install them by connecting the strips together with their respective adapters. All four pieces have interconnecting adapters so they can receive power from the battery. You no longer have to use an extension cord to route the power from the rear LED strip to the battery, since all the strips are attached.

Step 1: Set the LED strip underneath your vehicle. Now is a good time to see if the underside of your car has any way of securely attaching the LED strips, including bolts, brackets or other small openings. Secure the LED strip with zip ties.

We recommend zip-ties for every 12 inches of the LED strip, since double-sided tape may not be strong enough to securely attach the strip indefinitely. It helps if you have a friend to help you hold the LED strip in place during the attachment process, but if not you can just use the double-sided tape to temporarily mount the LED strip in place before you permanently secure it with zip ties.

Step 2: Extend the wires. Route the 4 wires up to the engine bay and connect them to the module box. If the wiring of the LED strip on the rear bumper is not long enough to reach the front of the vehicle, you may use the extension wires that come with the package. 

Step 3: Tap the Red wire to battery positive/Black wire to negative or ground. If there is an optional wire, check the installation sheet to see what it's for.

Step 4: Place the module box close to the battery, but away from the engine or radiator so there is no risk of heat damage. Make sure the location you place the module box at will be dry at all times. The battery/fuse box location is designed to stay perfectly dry so you don't have to worry about damaging the module box. Extend the antenna on the module box so you can get better reception even if the hood is closed.

Test to make sure everything works and enjoy your set of underbody LED strips.